Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 19: The other baby

Little one was eclipsed by the announcement of my other expectant baby-at-work this week (see below!). Lots of back and forth between campaign research tests and follow up, global and regional management meetings and a tight conference schedule of demos, interviews, events and post-launch tracking...  Despite all that, it was great to spend a few moments each night just reconnecting with our baby boy, and feeling his tiny movements inside.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 18

Happy Fathers' Day weekend!  Hubby has been thinking more about his pending fatherhood. Pray that the start of our parenting journey together will be filled with joyful (and not too anxious!) preparation... 

Second trimester blood test results came back normal for the baby - hooray! I was diagnosed with Group B strep early on during the placenta tear scare so will follow up with the doc at our next checkup on this. I've finished the course of oral antibiotics so far, though we've also talked about another round via IV during labor.  Meanwhile, work has been keeping me busy and the rains (and nearby floods!) have kept me indoors, so prenatal pilates is proving to be my only regular exercise these days.  Rather enjoying the "support group" so far.

Food of the week: Tie between apple pork ribs soup and beef brisket claypot - served home-style at Manhill Restaurant in the company of good friends.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 17b: Enlightened confinement

Mom sent me a good article about new confinement practices among the Chinese.  Pheew. Modern moms are enlightened! Excerpts below.
In medical terms, the confinement period is known as puerperium, the period of adjustment after childbirth during which the mother’s reproductive system returns to its normal pre-pregnancy state. It generally lasts six to eight weeks and ends with the first ovulation and the return of normal menstruation.

With increased information and awareness about health, nutrition and breastfeeding, current confinement trends have certainly become more progressive. For one, a mum who breastfeeds knows the need to consume a variety of foods that provides adequate nutrients, and avoid or limit substances like alcohol and caffeine.  Modern lifestyles and working mothers also mean convenience is key in shaping trends.  Modern confinement practices emphasise rest, a balanced, nutritious diet and good hygiene.

Many traditional habits are no longer blindly followed [as] mothers are more educated and will ask the logic behind each practice. For instance, 20 years ago, mothers were encouraged to eat one whole chicken a day to regain their strength.  No fish or vegetables were allowed, [curtains were] drawn at all times to avoid any draft, mothers were prevented from watching TV or reading lest their eyesight weakens later in life.  A woman should also refrain from taking a bath for the first 30 days after childbirth.
Women these days are not so old-fashioned and can accept new trends.  Now, after 12 to 14 days when lochia discharge stops, mothers can [take a shower/bath/hair wash]. In addition, mothers need to be relaxed, comfortable, consume enough nutrients to breastfeed successfully and also prevent post-natal depression. [Given] our weather, air-conditioning and fans are necessary as long as the air flow is not aimed directly at the mother. Mothers are also watching TV, surfing the Internet and reading during confinement.
In the first two weeks of confinement, a mother should take foods that are mildly nutritive while in the last two weeks, stronger herbs to revitalise the body. [Avoid vegetables] that are ‘cooling’ or cause ‘wind’ in the stomach [and go for greens] like kai lan (kale) and French beans ... fried with ginger and sometimes minced meat. However, the basic practice of consuming ginger, sesame oil, red dates drink and herbal soups remains.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week 17a

Hubby's been complaining of the heat so this week's soup is especially for him:  绿豆汤 - green bean / mung bean soup, served chilled.  Since our babymoon, I've also decided to swim more (when it stops raining, that is) now that our condo pool is finally "fixed." I do feel quite self-conscious about my body lately though - definitely look forward to start my prenatal pilates class on Monday!

Meanwhile, received a confirmation email for our childbirth education classes in August (starting week 24 onwards).  The Parentcraft Centre also included details on confinement nannies trained by the hospital plus home delivery/catering options.  Gotta admit the sample menu (see below) looks terribly UN-appetizing even if it's 100% nutritious for recovering moms.  Maybe I can convince folks to join me on those liver/kidney/ginger days - misery loves company, right? =8

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 16b: Quickening!

Back from our anniversary/babymoon - local food, fun at the beach, frequent naps in the shade, and wonderfully attentive hotel staff, esp. when they found out I was pregnant. Highlight of the trip was feeling our baby flutter while lazing by the pool! It's like tiny bubbles, butterflies or those spa fish in your tummy :D

Monthly baby checkup before we return to work tomorrow: Still a boy, spine and organs developing well, fetal measurements and both our weight gains on track. Also caught baby upside down for the first time on ultrasound -- guess he's been living it up too inside mommy this past week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 16a

We're off to Langkawi to celebrate our 6th anniversary and expose our little one to Malaysia, truly Asia :)

Can't wait to reap the rewards of our first baby-related shopping last weekend - comfy tops and dresses, plus storage bins for the wardrobe I can't fit in anymore which will help clear space for all the new baby stuff to come. Here's my WIP first-time checklist, culled from various sources ( Mothercare,, etc.). Any recs on where to buy or borrow, do let me know!
  1. Infant car seat (best models recline when detached, allow the baby to rock or bounce)
  2. Wearable soft carrier (sling designs make nursing easier - kampung style!)
  3. Crib light
  4. Cot, mattress and bedding (IKEA?)
  5. Changing mat
  6. Extra pull out bed (for storage, convertable into a kids bed - IKEA)
  7. Baby sleeping bag or blanket
  8. Baby swing
  9. Diapers, diaper disposal method and diaper ointment (loads and loads of nappies!)
  10. Baby bathtub and tub seat
  11. Baby toiletries (hooded towels, baby shampoos, infant nail clippers, soft hairbrush) 
  12. First baby clothes
  13. First baby toys and toy bar
  14. Baby listening monitor
  15. Feeding equipment (bottles - Nuk?, steamer)
  16. Stroller (for later - McLaren)
  17. High chair (for later - IKEA)