Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 32: Know your contractions

Contractions feel like a cramping or tightening sensation that starts in the lower back and moves around the front.  As these tend to be universal signs of labor, most first timers (like hubby and I) easily confuse Braxton Hicks with true labor contractions -- and get alarmed when these suddenly occur.  The main difference between them is the frequency, duration and severity of the contractions.

TRUE labor contractions continue no matter what you do. They come at regular intervals and get closer together, longer and more painful as time passes.  Hence the popularity of epidurals these days!

FALSE labor contractions are named after Braxton Hicks, the doc who discovered that some pregnant women actually felt contractions way before actual delivery. These are thought to be an aid to the body in its preparation for birth and tend to be unpredictable and uncomfortable. They can be managed by:
  1. Drinking up
  2. Breathing rhythmically
  3. Lying on your left side
  4. Changing positions or moving around
  5. Emptying that bladder - make that effort for the 1tsp of pee. Again.

Week 32: Chubby monkey

Little guy's on track to be a chubby one when he pops!  Based on last week's growth scan, doc predicts his EDD weight between 3.5-4 kg.  Yikes. We'll track his growth weekly and review any "actions" once I'm full term, i.e. epidural (if I had doubts before, this looks more likely now), early induction and/or assisted delivery. Why this growth spurt?  Since my own weight gain's on par (12 kg at that time), doc joked that I just have an efficient placenta. Heh :)

Meanwhile, better set up our nursery, pack that hospital bag and review those labor and contraction notes sooner than I planned!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 31

The work week was exhausting.  Saturday ended up being rather stressful.  This Sunday, I tried to regain some sanity by listing out what needs to be then when for the next few weeks before full term (week 37 onwards) and put this digital post-it on my laptop homescreen. If little guy decides to show up early, then it's HMG mode -- Help me, God!

Being pregnant IS a joy and a blessing.  I wouldn't change this no matter how overwhelmed or frustrated I've been lately.  I suspect the hubby might think differently though - he just read a book called "Pregnancy Sucks - For Men" ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 30: Hive of activity!

It's tough to sleep comfortably through the night, though baby and I are enjoying hubby's daily massage before bed. Work is also chugging along - with 7 weeks to go before my maternity leave, I'm inundated by stuff to settle and transition with my team and bosses. At least this weekend, we snuck in some pre-baby "us" time in between family dinners, baby shopping and more domestic helper interviews. 

Despite all the hectic-ness outside, the best is still what's developing inside. Month 7 check up went well, baby's in the right spot (head down, bump front).  His head won't engage till a few more weeks but doc predicts a normal delivery for us. We're scheduling a growth scan and Glucose Tolerance Test in 2 weeks - the latter at my prompting b/c the baby seems quite large, even though there's no major weight gain, diabetic history or symptoms on my end.

He always seems so shy, peaceful and angelic when we do our ultrasound scans.  However, when the little guy's awake - it's like he's practicing kungfu!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 29

Parents left for a few weeks and alas, hubby's eye injury took a turn for the worse so he's back on MC and stuck at home alone.  Spent the week juggling work, errands and babysitting my two guys - the hubby and little one.  With 8 weeks to go before my maternity leave, there's suddenly so much to sort out beforehand.  If this even hints at a full-time mom's life, I could definitely use help at home!

My weekend routine lately: Quiet time over breakfast, catch up on reading, et al. Saturday: Prenatal pilates class, our hospital antenatal course (today's topic is breastfeeding!) and family dinner.  Sunday: Church and if there's time (or energy left), interview potential domestic helpers and shop for baby stuff - next up: Baby proof furniture as most of our stuff will be moved to my parent's place nearby.