Saturday, November 13, 2021

Where others have gone before

After trying for a baby for almost two years, our effort became a lot less romantic and a lot more scientific over time. Fertility checks were done, ovulation kits used, assisted treatment and even adoption options explored. Then one day, after six and a half years of a dual income no kids life, we conceived - naturally. Hence: Finally, mama.

All in God's timing! Trust His heart.
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Here are snapshots of my journey in raising a family while releasing it all to God through each season of work and life. I started this journal when I was pregnant with #1 aka B (born November 2011) and working full time. These days, I'm a work at home mom as hubby is frequently away for work. I split my time between caring for B and my parents, managing the home and developing The Whiz Times (launched October 2012). Oh, and we're still trying for #2 after an early miscarriage.

Along the way, I've been encouraged by those who have gone before me or are journeying together, and hope that I can in turn support others with this blog.

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